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psychiatrist-cannibal by day

pop-star singing sensation by night

hannibal montanibal 

aren’t we supposed to be a really dark and sophisticated fandom


We are a really dark and sophisticated fandom.

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i can’t decide if this bus is being supportive or threatening me

What if women had minstrel cycles instead of menstrual cycles? You’d just have a guy with a lute follow you around for a week every month and play you songs constantly?


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Dear god, that would be EVEN WORSE.

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Half of Syrians Displaced: 5 Takeaways From New UN Report

More than half of those uprooted from their homes are children.
Nearly half of all Syrians have been forced to leave their homes, with the number of refugees who have fled the country swelling past three million, according to a United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees report released Friday.

The Syrian crisis “has become the biggest humanitarian emergency of our era, yet the world is failing to meet the needs of refugees and the countries hosting them,” said António Guterres, the UNHCR’s high commissioner, in a statement.


oh i think i will animals